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A doctor’s prescription should be the first thing you obtain when you decide to take tribulus terrestris and this is because the wrong dose can result to undesirable side effects. You should also bring to the attention of the doctor any other ailment or condition you might be suffering from to ensure the medication the doctor gives you does not cause wrong interaction. Some of the ailments and conditions that might cause harmful effects include allergies to food, dye or preservatives, prostate cancer, diabetes, or an enlarged prostate. You should also disclose of any physical condition like being pregnant, intending to be pregnant or breast-feeding.

You should also bring to the attention of the doctor any other medication or supplement you are taking that is inclusive of vitamins, doctor’s prescription, and non-doctor’s prescription or herbal supplements. The use of Tongkat for a short period has no known side effects but however, prolonged use or an overdose of the medication can result to some theoretical side effects. The side effects that might arise include rage, growth of facial hair, enlargement of prostate, and aggravation of prostate cancer, and lowering of voices for women.

The tribulus terrestris works by increasing the natural production of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is the male sexual hormone and is responsible for many sexual functions. The hormones increase the male’s sexual drive, enlarge the male sexual organs, and ensure general health of male sexual organs. The tribulus terrestris also ensures a better cardiac health through relaxation of arteries, which ensures better blood flow, and hence reduces blood pressure.